Spring Rally

Hosted by the YMCA of Central MA. Reach out to Larry Harding, lharding@ymcaofcm.org

Spring Rally is a weekend long leadership building retreat for teens in our Leaders Club Program hosted at Camp Jewell YMCA in Colebrook, CT. At Spring Rally we host Teens and advisors from all over New England to our camp ground and immerse them in to team building exercises based on our core values of mind, body and spirit and include energizing activity breaks with different electives, a ropes course, and a dance night.

The teens have the chance to build new relationships with their peers from different states and backgrounds as well as grow their own confidence to bring back home and share with their community.

See our event calendar to find the next Spring Rally and download registration packets!


Highlights of Spring Rally

  • Activities focusing on the traditions and values of the Leaders Club program.
  • Unique and fun elective choice period
  • Making new friends, network connections and positive relationships that will last a lifetime

For more information on regional events please visit our Regional Event page.