Northeast Leaders Club Regional Events

Our region hosts several annual retreats where all clubs in the upper northeast (CT, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT) can attend. While optional these events greatly enhance the Leaders Club experience for teens and staff. Each event is organized by a host YMCA and facilitated by a team of YMCA professionals.

A Rally is a weekend retreat where teens and advisors from various Leaders Clubs come together to learn, grow, and have fun. There are 5 rallies held annually; Autumn, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Cory at various YMCA camps in the northeast.

Leaders School, a.k.a. NELS, is our culminating retreat held over 6 days in the summer. Leaders School has a wider variety of programming and a more intentional focus on leadership skills, character development, social & personal growth.

Occasionally YMCA’s host a Local Event and invites other Leaders Clubs in their immediate area to join. These include overnights at a YMCA facility, volunteer service days, etc.


Who Can Attend?

Teens and staff involved in any active Leaders Club in our region. Ages and grades do vary slightly by event due to host YMCA policies so read each event’s packet and information for details. With the exception of Leaders School YMCA’s are required to send staff and/or volunteers with their teens.


What to expect at an event

Rallies & Leaders School have a busy schedule starting in early morning and going well into the evening hours. There is very little down time by design in order maximize time for activities, building relationships and learning. Activities vary by event but generally include a mix of physical activity, team building, outdoor education, aquatics, and values character development programs. Teens and staff are broken up into groups based on age/grade and experience in the program. Housing via cabins or dorms and meals are provided.