Winter Rally

Hosted by the YMCA of Greater Boston

Winter Rally is one of our largest rallies that happens in February at the Camp Jewell YMCA in Colebrook, CT.  Winter is a very tradition focused rally with emphasis on the YMCA Core Values and the YMCA Triangle of Spirit, Mind and Body while also offering unique winter activities and diverse living group experiences. Being in February the weather at Winter generally is very cold and snowy. Program does include indoor and outdoor activities. Teens and staff should come prepared for both.

Accommodations are heated cabins usually in bunk houses of 24 (two rooms of 12) and a larger bunk house of 74 (two rooms of 32). No bedding is provided, make sure to bring your jacket, hat, gloves, sleeping bag/blankets and a pillow!

See our event calendar to find the next Winter Rally and download registration packets.

Highlights of Winter Rally

  • Activities focusing on our YMCA Triangle of Spirit, Mind, and Body
  • A “Leadership” Core program for our older teens
  • Camp Jewell’s unique electives such as snow tubing, cross country skiing, winter survival and many more!
  • Making new friends, network connections and positive relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • The energy and excitement of 250 teens and 50 staff learning, growing and having fun together!









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