Autumn Rally

Hosted by the YMCA of Greater Nashua







Mission for Autumn Rally: To inspire Leaders to make an Impact in their community through Service and Relationship Building 

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In order to focus the program around improving our communities, Autumn Rally focuses its Core programming around 3 Different Areas:  Impact, Relationship Building, and Service.

1. The Impact Core   

  • The purpose of this core activity is to focus programming around how one goes about leaving an Impact.
  • In these activities, leaders will learn what impacts they have made and do so searching in what impacts they want to make

2. The Relationship Core

  • The purpose of this core activity is to focus programming around making connections with other people
  • Activities will be base around meeting people, importance of learning about others, and making authentic connections

3. The Service Core

  • This purpose of this core activity is to focus programming around learning the value and importance of service to others and your community.
  • We will work with the site we are at to come up with a few service projects that the leaders can do to give back to the site. There will then be a debrief discussion around why what we did was service and how that service benefits us and the people we serve.

Autumn Rally Sample Schedule of Events

Awards and Recognition

With the focus of the weekend being around Service, we would like to have our recognition be around service as well. We would like to recognize one member of each age group that we have as being someone who has shown a dedication to service and community.

1st year award – Future Service Award:  Given to a 1st year who shows a passion for what we do and is likely to embrace the service side of being a leader

2nd Year Award- Dedication to Service Award:  Given to a 2nd year who has shown that he/she understand the importance of service and has demonstrated that service in their home club or at rally

Vet Award – The Community Builder Award:  Given to a Vet who has shown a concern for the other people at rally and has made an effort to build community among the participants

Grad Vet Award – Pass it on Award: Given to a Graduating Vet who has made an impact on all those he or she has come in contact with and has nurtured younger leaders to do the same

Advisor Award – Unsung Legend Award:  Given to an Advisor who goes above and beyond this weekend to create the best experience possible for their living group, core participants, and elective group